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    Бизнес курс

    Entry Test

    Pre-Intermediate/ Intermediate Levels


    Контактное лицо (ФИО)*
    Телефон *
    Е-mail *
    1. Match the questions (1-5) to the replies (a–e)
    • a) Hello, pleased to meet you.
    • b) I quite agree – it’s the best thing to do.
    • c) Could you say something about the overall performance?
    • d) Hold on a moment, Paul’s not here yet.
    • e) Could you put me through to Jenna Hall, please?
    1. Q: Right let’s get started, shall we?
    2. Q: Thank you for listening to my presentation. Does anyone have any questions?
    3. Q: Bill Smith speaking. How can I help you?
    4. Q: What do you think about my idea?
    5. Q: Sharon, can I introduce you to my colleague Simon?
    2. Put the sentences below in a logical order to make a conversation. The first one has been done for you.
    • a) OK. Hang on. Let me get a pen. Right, go ahead.
    • b) We’re moving the venue to the Novotel Hotel as it’s bigger.
    • c) Hello Mike, it’s Sharon here. I’m calling about the training course on Friday.
    • d) OK. Anything else?
    • e) Oh, hello Sharon. What’s the matter?
    • f) I’m afraid we’re going to have to make some changes.
    • g) Bye.
    • h) Martin Beal isn’t able to run the afternoon session. Brian Small is going to do it instead. That’s all I think.
    • i) OK. I’ll let everyone know. Thanks for calling. Bye.
    3. Match the words (a–k) to their definitions (14–22). The first one has been done for you.
    • a) trainer
    • b) customer
    • c) CEO
    • d) manufacturer
    • e) employer
    • f) consultant
    • g) employee
    • h) colleague
    • i) trainee
    • j) line manager
    1. a person /company that pays people to work for them
    2. a person / company that produces goods
    3. a person who you work with
    4. a person who buys a product / service
    5. the highest ranking person in a company
    6. a person who is paid to work for someone else
    7. a person who gives advice
    8. a person who learns a skill from someone else
    9. a person who supervises you
    10. a person who teaches others a skill
    4. Complete these sentences with the correct form of the word given in brackets.
    1. I work for a large (organise) that has offices all over the world.
    2. What is their best-selling (produce)?
    3. We need to discuss our prices at the (meet) next week.
    4. All new employees must complete a one-month (train) course.
    5. The call centre takes phone calls from over 2,000 (custom) a day.
    5. Complete the sentences using the correct form of the verb in brackets.
    1. The company (never / spend) more than $1.4m on marketing.
    2. My colleague (travel) to Germany on business next week.
    3. At the moment we (develop) a new logo.
    4. The 14.13 train to Milton Keynes (usually / leave) London Euston from platform 5.
    6. Complete the sentences using the correct alternatives.
    1. Write down your contact details there and I you a brochure.
    2. I here since 1995.
    3. We nearly bankrupt in the summer.
    4. I’ve decided what to spend my redundancy money on. I my own business.