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  • Главная » Тестирование » Общий тест (для старшеклассников и взрослых)

    Общий тест (для старшеклассников и взрослых)

    1. Form the plural form of the subject, making all the necessary changes.
    (Перефразируйте предложения, поставив подлежащее во множественное число и выполнив все необходимые изменения)

    Example: A chef cooks in a restaurant- Chefs cook in restaurants

    1. The child is in the yard now
    2. My brother lives in the USA
    3. Her daughter has a computer
    4. A pilot flies planes
    5. It’s expensive
    6. There is a picture on the wall
    7. This woman came last week
    2. Write questions. (Напишите вопросы)

    Example: I come from Rome- Do you come from Rome?

    1. He is at work
    2. Ann has got a flat in Paris.
    3. We often visit them
    4. The film started at 7
    5. I am reading
    6. Jack has just left
    7. They saw him yesterday
    8. She can sing quite well
    3. Tick the correct sentence. (Отметьте правильное предложение)
    a) I’m hungry. I like a sandwich
    b) I’m hungry. I’d like a sandwich
    a) He likes reading
    b) He likes read
    a) There are not some art galleries in the town
    b) There are not any art galleries in the town
    a) She is going to the bank to get some money
    b) She is going to the bank got some money
    c) She is going to the bank get some money
    a) Nick won the tournament last year
    b) Nick has won the tournament last year
    c) Nick winned the tournament last year
    a) I have already had lunch
    b) I have yet had lunch
    c) I have had lunch yet
    a) We are looking for the keys
    b) We are looking after the keys
    4. Put the words in the correct order (Поставьте слова в правильном порядке)
    1. It/ moment/ raining/at/is/the?
    2. When/start/you/English/studying/did?
    3. Always/ they/ are /time/in
    5. Underline the correct option (Выберите правильный вариант)
    1. I’m cold. the heating on.
    2. Why is his face red? He .
    3. I’ve been playing tennis for 3 hours I am
    4. I am thinking a car
    5. I’ve got a headache You take an aspirin
    6. If I were the President, I abolish income tax
    7. The city in 1854
    8. If it we will go skiing.
    9. Could you tell me ?
    10. They aren’t glad.
    11. All the lights are on but there’s no answer. They be at home.
    12. She asked how long have
    6. Choose the word that is different from the others, say why it is different. Think about the meaning and the grammar!
    1. Want, know, understand, enjoy
    2. Was, sent, done, flown
    3. Newspaper, novel, book, tissues
    4. Horrible, loudly, immediately
    5. Cousin, nephew, neighbour, niece